Fast and Fresh

Pantry is a fully automated system that takes care of everything from watering to feeding to lighting. Plug Pantry in and watch as our unique technology grows 100% organic plants year-round up to three times faster while using 98% less water. Having a living pantry allows you to harvest immediately before consumption ensuring maximum freshness while minimizing food waste by letting whatever you don’t need continue to grow.

Connected Cuisine

The Pantry app will allow you to monitor your plants health, forecast when they will be ready for harvest, and proactively provide recipe recommendations according to what you’ve grown. Pantry can also pair with other smart appliances in your kitchen and further curate recipe suggestions using the ingredients available in your smart fridge and seamlessly build shopping lists of what is needed to complete these recipes.

Subscribe and Save

Easily order new seeds and nutrients through our app’s intuitive marketplace. Choose from specific plant type or order seed packages for specific recipes such as garden salsa or microgreen salads. Other consumables such as plant nutrients will be delivered in a easy to use and recyclable cartridge that simply snaps into place like a ink cartridge. This service is also fully customizable so you get to decide what is included and how often it is shipped.