What is Pantry?

Pantry is the world’s first totally inclusive, practical, and visually appealing automated gardening experience for the home. Imagine a Keurig, but for plants!

Where can a I buy a Pantry?

We are currently working very hard to bring Pantry to the market. But in the meantime you can sign up to become the first to be notified when pre-orders become available. (Sign Up) have sign up link to interested in pre-order page.

What can I grow in a Pantry?

You can grow almost anything you can grow with a traditional garden such as thyme, basil, strawberries... basically any leafy greens or herbs. However, due to the nature of the device you cannot grow root vegetables such as carrots, beets and potatoes.

How big is Pantry?

Pantry is designed to fit under kitchen cabinets like other appliances such as dishwashers. However, it can stand alone anywhere in your home. It measures 34”Tall, 18” or 24” Wide, and 25” Deep.

I do not have any prior experience growing plants, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. Pantry is designed with ease of use in mind. While gardening experience may benefit you, it is by no means required to effectively use your device. Pantry is a smart appliance so everything from watering, feeding to lighting is fully automated and tuned to maximize growth.

How does Pantry work?

Using NASA researched aeroponic technology, Pantry produces food up to 3 times faster using 98% less water than traditional gardening. The produce grown is organic and pesticide-free.

How much maintenance is needed?

Our enclosed design automatically maintains ideal temperature, plant nutrient, content, lighting, and watering cycles for year round growing. All you really need to do is the occasional trimming and cleaning.

How much time and effort will I have to invest to grow plants in a Pantry?

The device is automated and runs 24/7, requiring very little input from the user besides collecting the crop. Everything is conveniently run through our CLOVE mobile application.